Using Text Messages to Build Better Business

On the site, a report claims that most Americans read 90% of their text messages within three minutes of receiving them. That’s a powerful statistic! It trumps all other forms of communication in this era.

To effectively use it – meaning to avoid irritating your customers – offer it as an option to customers either during early conversations with them or by using a landing page on your website and social media pages.

Messages should be to the point and short.Think of the length of a Twitter post, and keep the message focused. When not discussing specifics with them about what they may need from you, limit the messages to new product releases, changes in staffing, installation or service reminders, and special events at the showroom.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and conversational. Engage with questions, include videos or photos of projects. Send out a survey now and then. And don’t be offended when people choose to opt out!

One final thought: don’t let this current trend replace other forms of communication, especially for older, more traditional customers. A healthy mix of phone calls, emails, newsletters, and text messages offers a well-rounded approach that can work effectively for the majority of customers.

Thanks to the friends from National Vinyl Products for their article “How to unleash the power of texting.”

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