In the Era of Zoom

Video conferencing became a part of our lives out of necessity. Locked in our homes, it was the only way to effecitvely communicate with and encourage teams. Companies are finding video conferencing cost-effective and it seems as though it’s going to remain a fixture in the business setting. Consider some of these tips when engaging in your next virtual meeting, […]

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Using Text Messages to Build Better Business

On the site, a report claims that most Americans read 90% of their text messages within three minutes of receiving them. That’s a powerful statistic! It trumps all other forms of communication in this era. To effectively use it – meaning to avoid irritating your customers – offer it as an option to customers either during early conversations with […]

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2018 Business Trends from Forbes

A recent Forbes article highlighted seven trends that will affect business in 2018. The business world changes faster now than it ever has in the past, so paying attention to predicted trends helps businesses – especially small operations – stay competitive in the market. Traceability and Safety SoftwareBusinesses in the food industry pay increasingly more attention to food safety. In […]

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